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We are a locally owned and 

established company in the Tahoe area, that has been in business since 1998. We strive to provide exceptional customer service with quality and reliability to every client.

With our 17 years of experience, we provide a wide range of services in excavation, grading and demolition and paving.

18" Concrete tiles with enbedded glass

at the Visitor center at Stateline.


Excavating for a new retaining wall for soil stabilization in a tight location.

New 700 foot long aspalt paved walkway in the Tahoe Keys area.

Site preparation and installation of underground utilities for a new home.


“When a water pipe, running under our driveway from the water main to our house, unexpectedly burst, we called Geneau Enterprises for help. When we explained that is was an emergency, Doug left a job he was working on, arrived at our house and expertly assessed the problem. With his professional expertise, Doug explained our options, gave us quick estimates and provided a realistic timetable for fixing the problem.


Doug and his crew were amazing. They showed up, on time, did the work as outlined and repaired the problem quickly and effectively. His crew was courteous and polite. Doug was sensitive to all of our concerns, thoroughly explained everything as it

was unfolding and did an expert job in quickly repairing our water problem. He and his crew did an outstanding job in repairing the water pipe and restoring the driveway to its former condition. It felt reassuring to have such an experienced and knowledgeable contractor handling this problem.


Doug displayed the expertise one should expect from such a professional. His work, his attitude and his crew all made an extremely positive impression on us. If we have any future problems that require excavation work, Doug is the first person we would call.


Jerry Pawlak, South Lake Tahoe, CA




General Engineering Contractor

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